Are you ready to take The Secret to levels as powerful as the great manifesters of all time?

Spend an hour and twenty minutes up close and personal with Joe Vitale, as he explains how to install and transcend The Secret.

In this special new DVD by Joe Vitale, you'll spend an hour and twenty minutes with Joe Vitale and learn more details about how to manifest the life of your dreams. An additional state of the art, advanced 20 minute hypnotic subliminal video will allow you to install these concepts and supercharge your manifestation efforts.

People who saw and loved Joe in The Missing Secret asked if we could get him in a more personal setting. This video answers those requests, and allows you to get deeper into those concepts, even some secrets Joe hasn't revealed publicly.

What if you could install mind software similar to that of the great manifesters into your unconscious and begin manifesting your wildest dreams right away? What if it could be so easy, that all you needed to do was sit back and allow it to happen for you?

You can do just that, immediately, by watching this DVD!

Dr. Joe Vitale asked NLP expert Mark J. Ryan and others to watch his manifestation processes and determine how exactly he manifests so well. Over the last 3 years, these individuals gathered precise information on Joe's unique capability to create the life of his dreams. Enlightened with that information, they began to experience incredible results. Also, as Joe gained greater understanding of his manifestation work, his own results began to improve dramatically as well.

Joe, being the giving person that he is, asked an important question: "Can we teach and install this model, this mind software, in other people who want to live a miraculous life as well?"

The results are in this DVD.

After the incredible success of the movie The Secret in which Joe starred, Joe wanted to funnel this model through the easily understandable concepts described in the movie. Through the work done with Mark and others, he was able to develop his own system of manifestation into this system to "Install & Transcend The Secret."

Imagine being in the backyard garden at Joe's house with Joe, while he teaches you these amazing discoveries himself. This DVD will transport you to this friendly and relaxing place, where you'll learn the deeper teachings to help you create the life of your dreams.

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Here are just a few of the powerful questions that Joe answers:

  • What is The Secret?
  • What is the Law of Attraction? Where did it come from?
  • How do we transcend The Secret?
  • How do we combine all these principles and concepts in my mind?
  • Then how do I practice them?
  • What do I do if I hit a block? What looks like a stop sign?
  • Do you have a specific way to receive? How do I do it?
  • How will I know I am getting my manifestation? What do I look for? (Watch this for a very surprising answer!)
  • How do you remind yourself to practice this? What can I do?
  • You talked about other laws that can supercharge this process. What are they? How do I apply it?
  • What if we all are successful manifesting? Is there enough for everyone? (Another surprising answer!)
  • On this DVD, you'll get the answers to all of these questions, as well as answers to questions that cannot be revealed here.

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    The Missing Secret

    The Missing Secret

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    Since watching the Install and Transend the Secret DVD, I finished my eBook that I have been writing since November 2006. It is now in the process of being edited. Things are a happening! Thank You Mark Ryan & Joe Vitale!

    Evaline Chan

    After watching Install and Transcend the Secret, I had a new belief in myself. One of the most important things I came a way with was: keeping your word to yourself. How many times have I said I was going to do something and didn't for whatever reason. I am one of millions that has the old exercise machine in the living room. "I'll start tomorrow," I would say. Did I ever? Nope. I broke my word to myself daily. Then I watched the DVD. I set my alarm as soon as I was finished and have been getting up and doing it. If I don't, I walk because it is nice out and more fun. The point is, I am keeping my word and therefore others can believe in me, too. I also say I love you to myself and others. This DVD was the best yet. I have also just finished Zero Limits. Again, WOW!!

    I love you,
    Ellen Davenport
    Balance Consultant
    The Balance Company

    I have been extremely short on money for the last few months, but following my inner guidance, I bought Install and Transcend the Secret. Last week, I noticed, when I checked my bank account, that there was an extra $1,000 in it. While this did not solve my overall financial problem, it did take care of our immediate problems. I know it was utilizing Mark's Installing the Secret program and Joe's telling me to script and "Nevelize," that caused me to manifest that much needed money.

    Thanks for your help. Joe's and Mark's information has helped tremendously in reaching my goals so far.

    Mr. Paul A. Bixler

    The Secret was good, but I knew that there had to be more to it. When I watched INSTALL & Transcend "The Secret," it finally started to come together. There is one thing I will say about this dvd, it does challenge your beliefs about things and now because of this dvd. I am going back to change a few things that I never even thought of.

    If you want a deeper understanding of Law Of Attraction and how to apply it the best way, plus put in the simplest terms that you can understand... buy this dvd.


    Install & Transcend is truly the Missing Link in implementing The Secret. We may know what we want consciously, but what about unconsciously? Until we can create congruency between our conscious thoughts and our unconscious thoughts our results will be hindered. This DVD is the ticket to creating congruency!

    Dean Gifford
    Flip the Switch

    Joe reveals some great information that goes beyond The Secret, things that make perfect sense, but that I had not previously thought about. The hypnotic part of the video definitely put me into an altered state. I wasn't sure exactly what was happening, but I did notice that some of my smaller manifestation experiments began happening effortlessly.

    Frank Clavelli

    After seeing The Secret, I was excited to learn more about how to go deeper into the Law of Attraction. The Question and Answer portion of the video was very easy to follow.

    Terence Allen

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